Charleston, #1 city in the World !! October 17, 2012

Last year Charleston was ranked the best city in the U.S., now Conde’ Nast has ranked our city #1 in the World.

With the “best beaches in the southeast,” it’s no wonder Charleston took first place in our list of Top 10 Cities in the United States. The seaside proximity doesn’t just allow for some picturesque views, but for some one-of-a-kind seafood as well. “The food, history, architecture and people are wonderful,” said one reader. “A bucket list city!”

Ambience: 93.5
Friendliness: 91.5
Lodging: 85.8
Restaurants: 90.0
Culture/Sites: 89.6
Shopping: 72.4
Overall: 86.7


357 North Shelmore Blvd, STE 1C, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464 O (843) 216-8224 F (843) 216-8224






Hurricane Irma

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