Monster Tropical Cyclone “Phailin” heading towards India October 11, 2013

“Tropical Cyclone Phailin intensified rapidly in the Bay of Bengal on Thursday and is now headed for the northeast coast of India. Estimated top sustained winds increased from 65 mph to 155 mph in just 24 hours, according to Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground.

(Note: A tropical cyclone is what we call a hurricane in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Oceans.)

As of late Friday morning (U.S. time), Phailin was rated as the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

Phailin is forecast to make landfall along the coast of the state of Odisha or the far northeastern Andrha Pradesh state, northeast of the town of Visakhapatnam in India, on Saturday. The cyclone is forecast to approach the coast as the equivalent of a strong Category 4 or Category 5 hurricane.

This portion of the India coast where Phailin is headed will be threatened by several potentially deadly impacts including storm surge flooding, damaging winds and flooding rainfall.

The northeast Indian coast is extremely prone to storm surge flooding, which makes this particular impact a huge concern for low-lying areas.

Many of the world’s deadliest tropical cyclones have come from the Bay of Bengal because of the region’s extreme vulnerability to storm surge flooding. This includes portions of northeast India, Bangladesh and Myanmar.”


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